Notes From Goddess Sylvia

And then I said, “Yes!”     –  1-15-11

Let me start this post by mentioning that we have some of the most incredible performers right here in the Central Florida area.
I was invited to go the  “Ring in the New Year with Friends” fundraiser at Theatre Downtown in Orlando. They are about to open their production of “Chicago” next week.  After hearing the young woman who is playing Roxy perform last night, I say don’t walk – run and buy your tickets.

It was such an entertaining evening, and it gave me a chance to see my Orlando theater friends.  The theater had a great turn out from their performers. They had representatives from almost every show this season. The cast of “Rocky Horror” performed as well as the multitalented Joshua Eads-Brown.

There is something to be said for an evening with talented people. I almost didn’t go. It was Friday night the first after school was back in session. I’d had early mornings and late nights and another million reasons to sit home and hang with the family versus getting out and seeing what was going on in the real world. Then I remembered my new found resolution to open myself up, not close myself off from opportunities.  So with the encouragement of my kids I dressed up and off I went on my adventure.

Let me interject here; I hadn’t been involved with theater in years until last fall when Joshua asked me to come do a show for him.  The show was called, “The Sugar Bean Sisters” at Breakthrough Theatre in Winter Park.  I am happy to say I did do the show and am so glad.  I got to work with some of the best talent Orlando has to offer and made some new friends to boot. That is how I wound up at the fundraiser by way of the people I’d met.  So here I am having a delightful evening,


ON THE EIGHTH DAY GOD CREATED St. Augustine … by Sylvia

I was a bit surprised when I looked at the template for the blog page. Old Goats?  I was an Old Goat? When did that happen? How long had I been there?  Truth be told, I wasn’t all together certain I was, but the reality was something I had to face.

Growing older as a woman, blah, double standards in the sexes, blah, blah blah.  The rhetoric doesn’t change over the years. I have heard it since I was a teen, men are distinguished when they age, a woman only gets older. How totally depressing, I have always thought that such a horrible image to project to a young girl.

So here I sit with a harsh truth, I was not getting any younger. I would like to think I am growing old gracefully. The honest answer is that I am probably not even remotely close to that remark.  I am aware I am shaped by modern culture regardless of my desire not to be. We are a youth driven culture. I do not mind getting older I just wish it would happen at a slower rate. I do not want to be young again, but old isn’t a description I’m readily embracing.

So what word? Seasoned? I’m not beef. Experienced, I’m not on a job application. Or am I? What is the whole dating process about? Life partner interviews?  It is different now than in my twenties.  I am almost depressed by the women my age in the media. The standards of beauty they set are unrealistic for the average woman.  There is barely a wrinkle on the forehead, nary a crease around their mouth; have they never laughed once? Is it really just botox?

I am vain – do not get me wrong. Not to mention  the adjectives that describe the, crows feet, laugh lines etc…do not bring up pleasant imagery.  Truth be told, I’m in favor of cosmetic surgery. If I could afford it I would do it, and sooner rather than later.  I do like to look good, who doesn’t? So here I am starting a new year and contemplating my life.

Last year changed my life. Sometimes things need to be shaken up. That is a topic for another time. Let’s just say I am excited to see what 2011 has in store. I have life lessons that I am learning. It’s always a constant this thing called change.  I tend to be resistant and since I am, life decided to mix it up for me. If you stay complacent things happen regardless, but then you can’t complain. It’s your life right?  Take an active role. There may be times in the upcoming year I will have to refer back to this blog post myself.  I was asked to contribute to this site and I was excited and nervous to do so.

I hope to make myself more receptive to what is being offered in my life. Instead of closing myself off, I am going to try to say yes to as many experiences as possible. I like to learn new things, meet new people and do not want to be a spectator anymore.

For now I am going to work on fulfilling my role as Mom and carving a niche for myself as an observer of life and writer of blogs.  Let’s hope that the upcoming year brings even more incredible opportunities for us all.




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