Goat Center for World Harmony Intro


A little about my blog.

The Goat Center is about civil communication and personal growth. It is about happy sharing. The Old Goat  thinks that if something is not at least a little bit of fun then why bother doing it.  The Goat center consists of four elements.

1. COMMERCE – even most of those who seek world harmony have stuff. Most have a lot of stuff. We often want additional stuff or different stuff from that which we have. The old goat will, from time to time, offer to trade some of his stuff for some of yours. Also some members who have interesting businesses may explain what they do on the center blog.

2. WORLD VIEW – almost all have opinions and concerns. A part of the center blog will be devoted to sharing these ideas. However, the center has almost no interest in argument so this will not be cultivated. There are million of other venues for this.

3. LIFESTYLE – this section of the blog will be concerned with the simple but often very pleasant aspects of life around the home. Easy recipes are an example of what might be found here.

4. FUN – the are many, many items that qualify for this category. Be sure to always check for new ones we hope will draw a smile on your face.


The American system is built on trade. The business of America is buying stuff and selling stuff. By “stuff”, of course, I include services. The Goat Center intends to be part of this system. In addition it intends to do what it can to make the world a better place by sharing Goat Wisdom gathered over the decades and also sharing the thoughts of learned guest writers.

I sell vintage items on Etsy:


Please visit my shop so you can see the kind of items I like to buy and sell.

Things that are sold on Etsy must be either handmade or vintage. Vintage, to Etsy, means at least 20 years old.

I have some nice things that are not 20 years old. Some of you might like them. I am making this post initially for my Facebook friends who may live nearby but hope to reach out soon to far off places.


One response to “Goat Center for World Harmony Intro

  1. Nice site, Big E! And love that goat drawing….wonder what amazing artist drew that?? (yup, it was me! 🙂

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