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Old Goat Golden Nuggets of Consumer Advice

Goat Consumer Advice

Pre Christmas, in an effort to amass some coinage for gifts, I searched the homestead a little and rounded up a bit of scrap gold to see about selling it. I was pretty pleased with the results in this area I know nothing about. I found a little ring that had been worn on stage (thought was costume, not real) and a “tiny” necklace chain from Aunt Whosey or ??? – thought it was fake too. But NO – instant 90 bucks – presents for 2 or 3 on the short list.

So – MORE treasure hunting. Look in a shoe box. Look in a jewelry box. Look in AC vents (found a diamond ring in one once). Be creative. Look at K-Mart Jewelry counter – OOPS – anything that suggests possible Jail Time is TOO creative. Did an EX leave anything behind? I had one ex that left pets and a child behind as she raced for the Bronco – but NO jewelry.

If you are a KID (not a Goat) then you may have less “stuff” to search through. If so, consider a joint venture with Mom or Grand Mom. Tell them you will look through their crap (treasures) research and sell. Then you all can split the bounty. This is kind of fun work – well ahead of shoveling snow or mowing grass.

A last example that is instructive. In a shoe box I found an object d’art. Looked Goldish. So off to a dealer. Young woman I have sold to before eyeballs it, then calls in another helper who gives it the cockatiel eye. Now they begin to compute and bring our stones and fluids – What Fun! Kind of like Merlin meets The Science Guy.

After a bit they arrive at a number (actually 3 numbers). I use self control to prevent squealing with glee. Remember this was two hours ago “junk” in a shoebox in my closet that formerly belonged to (I have no idea).

But, in a fine show of customer service I thought, the 2 ladies tell me that their number is just for the gold, and that the piece may have art or antique value that they know little about. They suggest “checking it out.” I think this is good advice.

To follow this advice, over the next few weeks I go to six different business to see about selling my prize from closet lottery. None of these businesses are run by a guy named Larry who practices his trade hanging out under a big oak tree near a bus stop in Apopka while wearing a black trench coat.

No these were all businesses I had bought or sold from in the past. All been in the area for years. So what were the results? What were these offers? Short story is that the offers ranged from Zero dollars to 450 dollars. What you say?

Were these capitalists lying in the weeds waiting to cheat the Old Goat. I don’t think so. Likewise the moral of this tale is not “Watch out for people who want to cheat you.” though that is always a good idea as is staying away from Larry under the big tree.

Rather I believe that the lesson is to understand that different people and different businesses use different business models. They have their “ways” that have evolved over time. A person who offered me nothing for my little treasure was not telling me it was worthless, he was merely saying it was not something he wanted to buy on that particular day.

Therefore, if you want to sell, it is almost always good advice to take your time. If you “have” to sell something it will likely not work in your favor. Take time to consider whose business model will work best in harmony with your desires. There are many options.

And money is not the only income available. There is psychic income too. Maybe you would feel better “giving” an item to a friend you know admires it. Or maybe selling it at a reduced price to a friend who might have a hard time paying the full worth. Trading is another option. A craftsman might build something you need in barter for your item. So take your time. Everyone is not out to eat your lunch, but neither do all business people know what would be best for you.


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