Thanksgiving – the Truth – Well … Some of it


There is no other Holiday like Thanksgiving.

School children all across the nation recreate the events that we associate with the First Thanksgiving. Of course, any historian call tell you we have it mostly wrong.

The Pilgrims were fundamentalist Puritans. So they thought that they could likely please God best by fasting – Not by having a big party. Can you see how that would work today?

“Hey Billy, how about you and Edna come over Thursday and Watch the Lions game with us? We have some chilled water we can share.”


Even that example misleads. Another misconception about Puritans is they never smiled, sneered at sex, and read the Bible twenty hours a day. And of course they never drank alcohol … WRONG _ WRONG _WRONG Squash breath.

And this all relates to more misconception re the new world. Some of us think that nature was pristine and perfect when the Mayflower parked – NOT SO – Blunderbus toe! Water might have been better than that from a river by a New Jersey Chemical Factory, but nonetheless Bambi and her pals were peeing (and worse) in the streams.

So, how was one to avoid getting sick from drinking the water. Well, you made and drank BEER – Lots of Beer. Not to get drunk but to get a drink. A few may have got drunk but not too many because they worked so hard that they probably could not stay awake long enough to get buzzed too much.

What we celebrate as Thanksgiving today got its start in the U.S. in the 19th Century. It was important in many ways and still is. But I am not going to write a big old article. If you want to know more; thanks to the Net you can find out about that out quick and easy.

I like the way our Thanksgiving has evolved. Hope you and yours have a good one.



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3 responses to “Thanksgiving – the Truth – Well … Some of it

  1. Nancy

    Very interesting. Was the water really all that bad???

  2. Sonny

    I am having a lot of beer, now. Happy Thanksgiving for Hops!

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