Nan(ny) Goat is “Back in Black”

Most of you know the Nan Goat is my sis. She lives in Milwaukee. She is 79 but an energetic goatess.

She had some health issues but checked into the General Motors 100,000 miles clinic recently and got a tune-up. She got a new knee, hip, two eyebrows and a lid.

Also got Oil of Olay change and all fem hormones were topped off. She is now BACK and will no doubt be pressing her thoughts upon YOU in literary form soon.

See her in this recent video and I think you will agree that about all we can say about the medicine at the GM Clinic is “THIS SH*T WORKS!”


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One response to “Nan(ny) Goat is “Back in Black”

  1. Nancy

    The Old Goat exaggerates. My eyebrows are my own. I paint them on every single morning. I must admit I had an awful time squeezing my body into the above skinny body. An elastic bodysuit helped, but it’s really hard holding one’s breath for long periods of time. You know that very young woman who got around 8 body repairs and augmentations in one sessions? Well, I certainly would do such a silly things. Three per session is my limit.

    In the future, Old Goat, keep your mouth shut about private family matters or I’ll your tongue in a bow.

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