Special Must Read Goat Center Event – Coke and Steampunk Join Forces

Hello Friends of the Goat Center

Tonight we have a Math Lesson and Spam Special presentation

I was a bit of a math teacher – taught some of you to count in binary – how has that helped you through the years?

The lesson tonight kind of relates to this. It is about “Geometric Progression.”

A classic tale tells about a man playing chess with a younger man. Older man asks younger if they had a bet on the outcome and younger won which prize would he choose of these 2.

one million dollars

the total of pennies accumulated this way;

1 penny on checkerboard square one then two on square 2 then 4 on square 3. So by the third square the young man would have 1 + 2 + 4 cents. Total would be 7 cents. You can use your pencil and tablet of calculator or computer to figure this out if you wish. Some will be surprised – others not at all.

end of math lesson – some think that could not come too soon


Now Spam section – this is pretty mild spam cause I am not going ask you to buy anything. It is a bit of spam in that I will ask you to do something that will benefit me. But back to the plus I will show you how to do the same that will benefit you.

Briefly – remember back in the day getting an email from someone who said that if you forwarded the email to enough people that Bill Gates would send you a laptop. I am pretty sure this was not true.

Tonight I show you something of that nature, but the reward is much smaller (14 dollars).

You will be surprised to know that I have entered into an agreement with COKE to make a commercial for them. The next part is: If I can get 1000 people to view the commercial then  Coke will send me 14 dollars. And I can tell you from personal experience that 14 dollars will get you a pretty, pretty good pizza at MT DORA PIZZA.

If this is a scam I will be embarrassed.

If it is legit and I make 14 dollars, I will show you how to do it. Actually it is so easy that if you watch my video, you will likely know how to do it, but if you need help you can contact me as I am a retired old goat with time to do silly things like this.


So back to math lesson. Watch the video. Ask two friends to watch – ask them to ask 2 – who ask 2 etc. Asking more than TWO would be GREAT – but 2 will work fine. I often get emails that say “If you love your mother, you will send this to EVERYONE in your address book,” ARE THEY CRAZY? I know some people who I forward nothing to. All forwards activate return hate mail.

So only send this to happy, fun, nice friends who like silly stuff sometimes. We all know a couple fun people thank goodness. Don’t send to that one that gets up with a big frown already frozen in place on their face and then seeks out the dog and cat to kick them. (WHY IS THAT PERSON YOUR FRIEND ANYWAY?)

so remember  2 x 2 x 2 x 2

here is the link to Coke ad to view  (think I forgot to tell you that other companies than Coke are doing this)


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